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Some of our services include

Operators Maintenance checks

We can carry out 6-13 week checks on your vehicle(s). We will contact you if there is any defects and we will also provide you with all the relevant paperwork needed.

Workshop facilities

Our two workshops are fully equipped with all the tools needed for any job along with maha brake rolling road brake test and shaker plates(Same as DVA testing centres). We also have a large secure yard which has wash facilities so we can clean your vehicle for it's PSV/MOT appointment

We offer a professional, reliable and proven service at reasonable, affordable rates.

We can collect and return your vehicles to you after any work has been completed. We can also collect your vehicle(s), organise, prepare and take them to their PSV/MOT appointments.

Operators Maintenance checks

With the new Operators Maintenance checks brought in by DVA/VOSA, it is now requirement for all commercial vehicles over 3.5ton to have regular maintenance checks to ensure that the vehicle is safe for road use. We can carry out the checks, provide all the paperwork needed either via email or a paper copy can be printed off. We can also set up a Maintenance check schedule, so you will know exactly when your lorry needs to be of the road. Get in touch today 


PSV preparation

We can take care of your PSV/MOT needs from start to finish. From collecting your vehicle from your yard, we can book you appointment, prepare, wash and take your vehicle to it's appointment and return to your yard. We have a Volvo unit as part of fleet so we can even collect your trailers' and return them to your yard also.


Regular servicing can help to enhance the life of vehicle. When servicing we can spot small problems before they get the chance to develop into major problems which can lead to long periods off the road for the repairs to take place. Again we can provide you with paperwork so you can keep your own record on what work is carried out at each service.


We have built up a great and lasting relationship with all the major parts suppliers in the UK & Ireland. With over 50 years of experience repairing and maintaining commercial vehicles we can help you make the right decision in getting the most cost effective solutions to any issue.

Rolling road brake tester


With our Maha rolling road brake tester we can ensure that your brakes are safely within braking limits before your PSV appointment or for your 6 week check. 


We have the most up-to-date and advanced diagnostic equipment, capable of reading all makes of vehicles from small vans to trucks and trailers. From diagnosing engine management faults we can perform any repairs and clear any faults from your vehicles' brain. With ABS we can diagnose quickly what the fault is and where it is which can save hours and hours of checking wires. So basically if there any lights on your dash or your vehicle is just not performing as it should, we can plug in our diagnostics and know what your problem is FAST

Breakdown assistance

If the worst should happen and you breakdown, we can get to you quickly if it happens locally and if it happens further afield we have a great range of contacts throughout the UK and Ireland who can help you get back on the road quickly. If there is a major fault, we can get your vehicle towed back to our yard and perform any repairs at our own workshop.

Accident repair

In the event of an accident we can get you back on the road as soon as possible. We can provide estimates for your insurance company and can supply all the parts and paint needed to complete the job to a very high standard.

Steering Alignment

With our gauges we can make sure your vehicle has the perfect wheel alignment, which can ensure a longer tyre life and offers better vehicle handling.

Collection of Vehicles

We can collect your vehicle from your yard, carry out the service or repairs and deliver to your yard. We can even collect your trailers with our own DAF CF.

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